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Embracing complexity, our Kathmandu-based tech firm innovates, pioneering solutions that redefine the industry landscape.
We're passionate problem-solvers, employing cutting-edge strategies to tackle formidable challenges. Your obstacles are our opportunities.
Believing in technology's transformative power, we support businesses in their digital journey. Join us for meaningful transformation.
We promise reliable, scalable, secure tech solutions, tailored to your needs. Experience personalized technology assurance with us.
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Aarawan Tech: Where innovation meets emotion, crafting heartfelt solutions that leave an everlasting impression.

Building better solutions, building better relationships.

Software Development

We offer customized software solutions for businesses. Secure, scalable, and expertly crafted using latest technologies.

Web Development

Expert web development services focused on UX, performance, and security. Build your online presence with us.

Mobile App Development

We deliver secure, scalable, and user-centric mobile app development. Bring your idea to life with Aarawan Tech.

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Our experts create data-driven strategies to drive leads, conversions, and revenue. Maximize your online ROI today.

Major key projects we did previously.

Explore some of our major key projects that demonstrate our expertise, innovation, and successful client collaborations.

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  • Co-operative Software

User-friendly cooperative software for Nepal with essential features like member management, savings, loan tracking, and accounting. Introductionary
  • Nepal Veterinary Education is a comprehensive online resource for veterinary education in Nepal, providing students and professionals with valuable information and resources related to the field of veterinary.

We believe in trust and long- lasting relationships with our clients.

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At Aarawan Tech, we're more than a tech company—we are your strategic partner, committed to adding real value to your business. Our approach is customer-centric, with our seasoned team understanding your unique needs, going above and beyond to exceed expectations. We don't just deliver services; we empower your business, catalyze your growth, and actualize your vision.

We uphold integrity, transparency, and commitment as pillars of our service. Firmly believing in the power of collaboration, we're excited to partner with you on this journey of innovation and success.

At Aarawan Tech, our client partnerships are about listening, understanding, and then creating. We strive for excellence, building on the trust placed in us to deliver solutions that consistently uphold the highest quality standards. Your success drives our innovation.
We listen to clients first and help them with products of greater







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